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Chrome Fireworks- Premier Wholesale 1.3G
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Chrome Fireworks offers premier wholesale fireworks to individuals, fire departments, or municipalities expecting the most variety and performance from their display fireworks. With Chrome Fireworks, you’ll receive the same high quality products that we utilize in our own displays. We don't order low quality shells to wholesale to others since we wouldn’t feel comfortable shooting them ourselves. If a brand is not trustworthy enough to pass our stringent expectations then feel confident in knowing we wouldn’t sell them to you either!

  • Chrome Fireworks is a helpful and knowledgeable company ready to help you chose the best products to use safely at your exhibition site!
  • For private license holders, communities, fire departments, and independent shooters - Private license holders and independent shooters must have a valid
    BATFE license or permit to purchase any products (government entities
    are exempt)
  • Krueger Pyrotechnics is DOT compliant; if transportation is an issue then we may have a solution to get the fireworks to your location safely
  • We carry display liability insurance that may be available to approved, safe, and properly trained crews
  • 2.5”-10” 1.1G, 1.3G, 1.4G Shells, Huge Variety of Multi-Shot Cakes and Special Effects are available
  • Reliable brands include Lidu, Crown Pyrotechnics, Freedom and Yung-Feng.
  • Have inventory on hand plus special order is available, just ask
  • We have local access to mortar equipment as well as other shooting supplies  

For any questions or inquiries please Contact Us or Request A Price List

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Krueger Pyrotechnics and Firework Displays, LLC
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PO Box 44186, Madison, WI 53744
Phone: (608)732-4545


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