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DOT Compliant – Follow NFPA Codes – ATF Compliant

Fireworks display by Chrome FireworksChrome Fireworks is committed to exceed your event’s expectations. We use the newest varieties of premium fireworks with brilliant colors, amazing effects and unique sounds that keep the crowd cheering. Coupled with a professionally planned pyrotechnic display your show is sure to be the talk of the town!

Chrome Fireworks Display Finale
Audience and property safety is a key component of our fireworks displays as safety is the top priority. We will not compromise safety for any reason and realize there are predefined limitations to every display site. Our crews are well trained plus they receive continuous ongoing education to produce cutting edge fireworks shows. We are PGI certified shooters and have a 100% clean safety record.

With our experience in the industry we provide all types and styles of shows limited only by your imagination. Chrome Fireworks provides electronically fired as well as manually lit displays and often incorporates music into the show. Each show is custom designed for your special occasion, with site location in mind for utmost entertainment!

Wisconsin Fireworks display by Chrome Fireworks
Chrome Fireworks is an insured, federal DOT and   ATF licensed, state permitted, direct overseas importer, and wholesaler of professional grade firework products. We specialize in high quality pyrotechnic products with the best visual effects to keep the audience’s energy at a maximum throughout the show!

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